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The Green Door Clinic offers a multi-disciplinary team of internationally renowned mental health and wellbeing specialists who deliver compassionate treatment plans and tailor-made support at one single location in the Harley Street medical area.

Therapy in Harley Street - The Team

At the Green Door Clinic, we exist to make it as easy, discrete and worry-free as possible for patients to access all the clinical and holistic resources they need to achieve emotional well-being for life. We have a large team of expert healthcare professionals in various fields offering fully comprehensive plans from psychiatry and psychotherapy to nutrition, coaching and mindfulness techniques.

Treatment in one clinic location

All under one roof, our clinic is at 30 Weymouth Street, just off Harley Street and a short walk from Oxford Street. Our rooms are well sized for group and individual appointments and are inviting and well-furnished in accordance with the style of the medical conservation area of Harley Street. Our psychological and wellbeing specialists cover the full range of mental health, clinical, social disorders and issues all within the same clinic.

Getting in touch – forming a treatment plan

On contacting the Green Door Clinic, we can provide a single confidential focus point for your care, in the form of a complementary assessment and initial treatment plan, should you wish, worked out for you by Director and Lead Psychotherapist Jenny Dew, after an initial discussion about your needs. This initial discussion is free of charge.

The assessment is totally focused on you, our philosophy is to listen in depth to your circumstances and personal story to gain a complete picture of your situation. We may need to enquire about issues surrounding your family and work together with identifying how you interact with your community. We may need to consider your biological, psychological and social needs and ability. These discussions will be confidential to your treatment plan and any specialists involved in your ongoing care and treatment. Our aim is to create a holistic treatment plan in order to empower you to feel in control and contribute to your own recovery.

We aim to provide a same day service in response to your initial telephone call to the Green Door Clinic, and we will then link you with all the professionals you may need to assist you on your journey to optimum wellbeing. Please note it may not be possible to see the specialist of choice on the day you contact us.

Getting in touch – directly with a specialist

Alternatively, you can get in touch directly with the specialist of your choice using the contact us facility on the Contact page. Please note however that some specialists may require you to send a referral letter via your General Practitioner or current health care provider outlining your current diagnosis and treatment plan before you are seen in person.

Private Healthcare Insurance and self-pay

We work with many of the UK private healthcare insurance providers to finance treatment. We also accept those wishing to pay for treatment themselves. We do not provide services under the UK National Health System.

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GreenDoor Clinic are always happy to provide you with advice on which type of counselling is most suitable for your needs, depending on your problems. Why not ask us to consult with you today, and offer a solution for you. Our advice is free, and at all times confidential.

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