We solve problems for our clients

Many people find it difficult accessing the professional help they need in a safe and timely manner. Patients (and other medical professionals) are frustrated at the lack of facilities available in one location, and the inefficiencies this creates in getting to treatment. As many of our clients are in crisis when we first meet them, our clinic is designed to meet this need quickly and efficiently.

Relationship Counselling

We work with clients to help them with all kinds of relationships, be those past present or future. Problems in relationships can and do happen. We can help you.

One to One Therapy

Our team understand the importance of clients accessing one to one therapy. We recognise the important therapy skills which our therapists can offer to individuals.

Work Issues & Problems

Working life can be extremely rewarding, but also stressful. Sometimes people can feel they aren't getting anywhere in their job, or they may experience work problems.

Aspergers & Autism

Autism and Asperger syndrome affect everyone differently, depending where they are on the spectrum. The signs may look different, and communication affected between individuals.

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Welcome to GreenDoor Clinic

Easy, discreet and worry free

At the GreenDoor Clinic we exist to make it as easy, discreet and worry-free as possible for patients to access all the clinical and holistic resources they need to achieve emotional well-being for life. All in one location. We have a large team of healthcare professionals in various fields offering patients absolutely the best outcome possible.

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I Need Support

Just some of the areas covered:

For patients struggling to find support for stress related issues in a variety of different settings - for example work, life, relationships and family, GreenDoor Clinic provide first class help and care.

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Stress & Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Family Conflicts
  • Loss & Bereavement

General Questions

Are my details private and confidential?

GreenDoor Clinic abide by the same rules of confidentiality and patient security just the same as any other healthcare professional body like the NHS. We guarantee all our clients privacy, discretion and confidentiality at all times, with no exceptions.

How can therapy help?

Very often, patients are worried about themselves and want to do something to help, but they feel confused and unaware about how to move forward, or what to do next. We will discuss any needs you have, and one of our expert professionals will help YOU find the right path to take.

How much do your services cost?

GreenDoor Clinic offer a range of various services across a broad spectrum of issues, problems, and needs for patients. We are always happy to advise you beforehand the cost associated with any specific treatment, service or counselling. In some instances certain costs can be met through the NHS or through private healthcare insurances.

What if my Clinician / Consultant isn't right for me?

We offer an initial consultation via telephone and or in person to review your needs and ensure we can work together. A large team of experts means we can identify the right fit for your needs.

Our Team

At GreenDoor Clinic patients and referring surgeries/doctors have access to a truly collaborative team of experts. Based in the Harley Street Medical Area, our team of experts offer patients a personal and compassionate touch.

Alex Townshend
Alex Townshend

Integrative Psychotherapist

Dr Daniel Kaitiff
Dr Daniel Kaitiff

Consultant Psychiatrist

Jenny Dew
Jenny Dew

Addiction Psychology

Dr Ian Martin
Dr Ian Martin

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Samantha Cobb
Dr Samantha Cobb

Counselling Psychologist

Christos Papalekas
Christos Papalekas

CBT Specialist

Helping people to find their way forward

GreenDoor Clinic offer personalised treatment plans, diagnosis and on-going support all in one location. At all times confidentiality is guaranteed and assured for each and every patient.

Why Choose Us?

GreenDoor Clinic offers a highly personalized and seamless experience for all our patients.

We are renowned for our exceptional expertise, reliability and confidentiality.

About Us
Professional Counsellors

Access to a truly collaborative team of experts ready to help.

Wellbeing & Health

Harley Street expertise with a personal and compassionate touch.

Same Day Care

We offer same day care and appointments for all clients.

Making People Happier

Emotional well-being for life, not just for today.

Health & Wellbeing

Biomolecular Restoration

Biomolecular Restoration is a unique treatment approach that corrects the body's biochemical imbalances, to ensure physical and psychological wellbeing.

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Aspergers & Autism
Aspergers & Autism

They are disorders on a spectrum and everyone will show different traits which range from difficulties with communication to difficulties with being in social situations.

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Exercise Kinesiology
Exercise Kinesiology

Kinesiology is use of muscle movement to identify imbalances in the body's structural and emotional energy. Treatment is conducted through specific exercises to help patients regain strength.

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The GreenDoor Clinic comprises of a large team of healthcare professionals who work in expert fields of counselling, support and care.

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