Alcoholism - A Way Forward
Alcoholism - How It Affects you and everyone around you

Living or dying as an Alcoholic. Alcoholism, or being an alcoholic, is an illness and an addiction, just as real as any other illness that you and we can suffer from. Some may say that being an alcoholic is a matter of choice, just as some people will argue that smoking is a habit that we choose to do, and therefore we are responsible for our actions. The truth of the matter is alcoholism is an illness, an addiction and as such it is not always that simple to think people should just be able to give up drinking.

In the UK 24 people will have died today due to alcohol related issues

In the UK, 24 people will have died today because of alcohol related problems. Tomorrow, another 24 people will die, and yet again the day after. The cycle will repeat itself every day, resulting statistically in about 9,000 deaths in the UK this year.

How can GreenDoor Clinic help me?

GreenDoor Clinic offer a wide range of clinical and support services that patients can adopt to try and improve their life, and break the cycle of alcoholism. We have a team of trained professionals who work with many types of harmful addictions, and we offer clients sympathy, understanding and patience.

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