Aspergers & Autism

Aspergers and Autism are disorders on a spectrum and everyone will show different traits which range from difficulties with communication or with certain social situations. Social interaction means it is difficult to build and maintain friendships, work in teams or know how to manage social situations.

There is difficulty with understanding body language and metaphors and sarcasm are often present. Social imagination means it is difficult to see others point of view. There are often difficulties with sensory overload and they can also be drawn into repetitive behaviour which can seem obsessive with a strong preference for things being done in a certain way.

Treatment Options

This involves a through assessment to confirm the diagnosis to enable better understanding. This is followed by a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to give coping strategies to manage life better. The treatment plan can include other strategies for managing the stress. Family therapy and couple therapy can also be useful to help with the difficulties and resentment that may have built up. The sessions provide a safe place where each person can learn to manage the inevitable conflicts better.

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