Biomolecular Restoration

Biomolecular Restoration is a treatment to correct the imbalance in the body biochemistry, which has a direct impact on the neurotransmitter’s levels and the brain function.

A detailed laboratory analysis is conducted which shows the unique needs for each individual which enables us to identify the missing nutrients. Correcting the imbalance is the corner stone for the treatment of addiction and mental disorders.

Correcting the bodys' biochemical imbalances

This unique treatment approach is designed to correct the body's biochemical imbalances, to ensure physical and psychological wellbeing. Our brain and body is such a wonderful, yet highly complex living machine. We know there is a direct link in our biochemical and neurotransmitter levels, which if out of balance will directly affect the way we feel and think. Furthermore these imbalances can create havoc with our emotions and physical health.

When the chemistry in our brain and body is not aligned, we then find it difficult to get through our day. Many people who experience this chemical imbalance may develop a wide range of disorders, including addictions, depression and other psychological and physical illnesses.

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