Freedom from Gambling
Gambling Problems - How addictive gambling can affect you

We all like a flutter now and then - but for people with gambling addictions, it can mean they lose not only a lot of money, but they can lose their family too. A gambling addict can become very angry and depressed because they lose their money. Their gambling addiction can also affect their partners, children, family and friends around them too.

Gambling in a modern world

It has never been so easy as it is today to get addicted to gambling. There are so many websites offering gambling games, apps on your mobile phone, even the national lottery and scratch cards have expanded their offerings to people who may be suffering from gambling addiction.

How can GreenDoor Clinic help me?

GreenDoor Clinic offer a wide range of clinical and support services that patients can adopt to try and improve their life, and break the cycle of gambling addiction. We have a team of trained professionals who work with many types of harmful addictions, and we offer clients sympathy, understanding and patience.

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