Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell

Sport & Exercise Nutrition

Before becoming a Nutritional Therapist, Karen worked as a psychiatric nurse and later moved on to working within peer group Crisis Counselling as part of a long career at British Airways as Cabin Crew.

Karen’s many years of experience as a Crisis Counsellor has helped develop her interpersonal skills and her natural ability to offer empathy, congruence and respect to clients. Integrating these skills into her work as a Nutritional Therapist helps support clients in making positive and sustainable choices in how they choose to nourish their minds and bodies.

Further Information

"The foods we eat may trigger positive or negative emotions. Our emotions may determine whether we make healthy or unhealthy food choices". Food and emotion are so intertwined that they often blur rational thinking and action.

Making poor food choices could become an intricate part of that mind-mood relationship. Long-term poor food choices may lead to nutrient deficiencies and biochemical imbalances, which could result in physical and mental ill health.

Functional Medicine (IFM)

I work with my clients using the well-established and recognized Functional Medicine (IFM) approach to nutritional change, which always puts the client at the centre of the consultation. I do not work with short term diets. I work with clients in bringing positive and long-term change to their everyday eating patterns that will nourish the mind and body.

Everyone is unique, thus everyone deserves bespoke nutrition and lifestyle support. I will work with you at your pace to enable you to attain and maintain your nutritional goals.

Treatments Provided by Green Door Clinic include:

  • Addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, internet, social media)
  • Anxiety, Panic and Anger management
  • Attention disorders like ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism
  • Dementias
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Effective communication and assertiveness
  • Family and parenting issues
  • Psychosis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress burnout

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