Rami Alfalahi

Rami Alfalahi

Company Director - MSc Computer Science

Rami Alfalahi is a senior management consultant and the joint owner of the Green Door Clinic. He is also the general director and co-founder of Green Door Clinic. Rami has extensive work experience in the UK, Scandinavia, MiddleEast, Europe and in the United States.

Having worked for 30 years for multi-national companies including IBM, Ericsson and Nordea bank, he has provided consultancy to many companies with world-wide reach. This has included leading and managing projects and initiatives with a variety of lengths, complexity and many different specialist contents.

Further Information

His focus is to enable the process of reintegration for patients who have been off work because of depression / addiction. This new process is begun by identifying a clear bespoke integrative road map for return into work and normal life. This is acheived by working with the patient together with their healthcare team, integrating the advice of the patient’s psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychotherapists, working alongside their family, colleagues at work and immediate management.

Benefits of using Green Door Clinic

We are committed to taking the emotional pain away and enjoy working collaboratively with other experts to help our clients to reach positive outcomes quickly and easily.

We can provide all the experts and support our patients will need access to, all under one roof. For example, unlike our competitors, we can treat and diagnose in one location and, after treatment has ended, provide access to a range of wrap-around services to support recovery. This empowers our clients and makes it much easier for them to establish and maintain a lifestyle that will support well-being for life.

Treatments Provided by Green Door Clinic include:

  • Addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, internet, social media)
  • Anxiety, Panic and Anger management
  • Attention disorders like ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism
  • Dementias
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Effective communication and assertiveness
  • Family and parenting issues
  • Psychosis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress burnout

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