Sex & Love Addiction

Sex and Love addiction is not sexy! In fact it is quite the opposite, as often people suffering from a sex or love addiction may feel very isolated, and in pain, not only physical but emotionally too. Imagine feeling hungry all the time. That is what a sex and love addict might experience, and this is as real as any other addiction that people can be hooked on.

What is a Love Addiction?

Love addiction is best described as "loving another person but with an intensity that is not in the best interest of yourself or the other person."

Typically, people who suffer from a love addiction, or otherwise referred to as love addicts, are usually obsessed with another individual. They are so pre-occupied to the stage where they push aside their own needs and wants, just to fulfill the needs and wants of the other person. This creates an unhealthy dependence where the needs and desires of the other person are invariably met by the love addict, while the love addict’s needs and wants are mostly ignored.

The love addicts self worth may be largely based on external things, for example how they look, what they might wear, and detrimentially how much some else seems to need or want them. When things go wrong, the love addict can be severely crushed.

Sex Addiction - Isn't that okay?

No, basically because sex addiction primarily will mean that sex addicts are focused on sex rather than a person or relationships. Highly objectified sexual fantasies and the pursuit of sexual activity take over and control the addict’s thinking. Whilst it might appear harmless at first, this eventually will create a wide variety of consequences—damaged relationships.

Typical behaviours associated with sex and love

In "most" relationships sex and love are quite normal. But for addicted persons suffering from a sex or a love addiction, then they will experience life in different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Clinging to a relationship when the reality is much different to the idealised one
  • Returning time over time to and an abusive, pyshical and emotionally damaging relationship
  • Craving attention from anyone and everyone, seeking new sources of attention
  • Engaging with multiple sexual partners, with little or no regard to safety
  • Excessive masturbation, or excessive use of pornography
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