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Read reviews and testimonials from healthcare professionals who work at Green Door Clinic in London. On this page is a selection of comments, observations and personal reviews of the Green Door Clinic in London.

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GreenDoor Clinic London - Discret and Professional

Jenny Dew (Lead Psychotherapist/Addiction Psychologist)

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the GreenDoor Clinic in London. The clinic aims to be one of outstanding excellence, and with over a dozen healthcare professionals associated with our business, we know that we will be able to cater for everyone. The clinic is located in central London, and this means that visitors to our country, as well as people living in the UK, will be able to benefit from a first class care package designed to meet your needs.

Jenny Dew Review Comment
Work Related Stress - Jenny Dew really helped me

Julia Allen Green Door Clinics support was invaluable

Everyone experiences times of extreme pressure at work. In my case the pressure was constant and over a very prolonged period of time and in a very aggressive environment. I went to my GP complaining of poor sleep, mood swings, exhaustion and irritability. I thought I was depressed but in fact my doctor recommended I see Jenny Dew about work related stress.

With Jenny's insight and expertise I was able to navigate my way out of a very difficult situation. I no longer felt trapped and helpless but actually empowered and confident enough to leave and set up my own consultancy. Within months I was approached for my current role as CEO for an internationally renowned business. I will continue to see Jenny in the coming months as I found her practical, evidence-based approach incredibly helpful at the most difficult of times and now feel that her support in the early stages of my new role will be equally invaluable. I cannot praise her enough.

Why I Believe in GreenDoor Clinic

Dr. Najem Al Falahe (Lead Consultant Psychiatrist)

As the Lead Consultant Psychiatrist I am absolutely delighted to be heading up and working with such a team of dedicated professionals. As the founder of the Innovative Care Program For Arabic Patients, I believe that GreenDoor Clinic will offer everything for everyone. Our team will focus on issues that impact on individual wellbeing, family relationships, religious beliefs, medication, education, hobbies, friendships, exercise, nutrition and future plans.

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Our experienced healthcare professionals work with clients exploring ways to help them improve their life. We are a friendly and dedicated team offering all types of different clinical services designed to help you move forward.

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