What is well-being?

Wellbeing is about people. It encompasses everything about us and our lifes, thereby creating the ideal conditions for us as humans to grow and thrive in a modern world. It's quality of life, positive physical and mental health which gives us sustainable thriving communities.

When supporting people with mental health issues, and by focusing on wellbeing we avoid relying on more traditional measures of mental health such as symptoms of illness. Many people who come to us question their own wellbeing. External conditions (such as income, housing and social networks) and a person’s internal resources (such as optimism, resilience and self-esteem) can affect their wellbeing. In this respect, how we go about measuring wellbeing is as challenging as it is worthwhile.

How can GreenDoor Clinic help me?

GreenDoor Clinic offer a wide range of clinical and support services that patients can adopt to try and improve their wellbeing. Whether that wellbeing be in personal relationships, or workplace wellbeing where many companies have recognised a direct link between wellbeing, productivity and commercial success.

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