Yoga & Fitness - What is Yoga

Yoga can be described as the practices undertaken to develop self-awareness and connect with our higher self. The history of yoga has seen the development of many traditions, each with their own unique set of beliefs, influences and practices. Yoga has become increasingly popular throughout the western world in recent history, specifically the practice of Hatha yoga - including the practice of postures known as asana that are seen in many yoga classes today.

Hatha yoga has seen rapid development in relatively recent history with many different styles evolving such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative to give some examples. As we are required to use the body to interact with the world around us, it is no surprise that asana practice has become possibly the most common form of yoga practice in contemporary society.

What happens at a Yoga Class

A yoga class generally begins with some stillness or breath work before moving through some warm ups to prepare the body for asana (postures). At the end of a class you will have the opportunity to rest and relax, absorbing the positive effects of your practice on your wellbeing.

How can Yoga help me?

Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to develop flexibility and strength in the body. It can have a positive effect on the systems and processes within the body such as sleep, digestion and the nervous system. Using the breath to guide our movement allows us to improve our relationship with our body and can help to bring a sense of calm and stillness that can be carried on into our day.

How can GreenDoor Clinic help me?

We have seen first hand the need for greater attention to wellbeing in order to achieve good health outcomes and believes that yoga is an excellent medium for this alongside other therapeutic interventions. Styles of yoga taught include dynamic Vinyasa, traditional Hatha and restorative approaches. We are also able to offer practices exploring the development of interoceptive awareness in the body, as a complement to other contemplative practices such as mindfulness and meditation.

We offer yoga to both adults and children of all abilities, believing that you do not need to be fit or flexible to practice yoga - the practice can be adapted to suit everyone. We are able to offer one to one/small group sessions. Please contact us for more information.

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